Principles of science

Good scientific practice and conduct form the basis of scientific research. At the request of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (Vereniging van Universiteiten, VSNU), a code of conduct for scientific practice was drawn up. This Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice applies to scientific practice, which is understood to include scientific teaching and research at all universities in the Netherlands. More precisely, the Code is intended for the individual scientific practitioner.

The principles form the ground rules for scientific research promote a research environment that guarantees integrity. Whenever these principles are compromised there is an increased risk of violation of academic integrity. By following these principles, organizations support their researchers in their ability to give account of the moral and scientific quality of their research. The UMCG has incorporated these principles in their Research Code.

Below you can find the five principles and a short explanation. We highly recommend you to take a look at the VSNU Code of Conduct and the UMCG Research Code.