Integrity Factor is an interactive learning experience about what it means to keep up your integrity as a scientist. It makes the five principles Dutch Code of Conduct form Scientific Practice come alive: due care, reliability, verifiability, impartiality, and independence.

The player is invited to follow Tess, a young PhD candidate, in her early career as a scientist. Doing research proves to be about making choices concerning meticulousness, methodological rigour, collaboration, communication, honesty and balancing between professional and personal life.

Depending on the choices the player makes, Tess’s life veers off in different directions.
This film aims at making the player think about what choices to make and why. To reflect on the ‘why – question’ help is provided by ‘talking heads’ – short clips after several scenes with experts explaining key notions.

More information for further understanding of the issues at hand can be accessed via the glossary.

The film has been inspired by The Lab of The Office of Research Integrity of the US Department of Health& Human Services. Whereas The Lab has its starting point in research misconduct in a lab in the U.S., Integrity Factor has a focus on the daily life of a PhD student in a Western European setting.